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A Quarterly Newsletter from the Good Shepherd Baptist Mission
1-800-226-9391 A Ministry of Midway Baptist Church Proctor, AR July 2001


After presenting the ministry in two churches in south Georgia on Sunday, April 8, 2001, I left Monday for Okeechobee, Florida to visit and witness to some of my lost loved ones.

Wanting to get to a Wednesday appointment in Carrollton before dark Tuesday night, I left about 6 a.m. EST Tuesday morning. About 5 minutes after I pulled on to I-75, the motor suddenly died. Coasting up next to a guard rail, I tried to get it started again but couldn't.

Because of a heart attack and a stroke last July 1, 2000, my balance is not very good. I was afraid to try to get out of the car because the 4 o'clock traffic was heavy, the cars were shooting by very close. It's hard for me to walk without wobbling. I asked the Lord to help me, and then I remembered the pink card with the 800-number that I keep in my billfold.

Thank God for Mobile Phones!!! I called the number on the card and told the person that answered what had happened and where I was. After praying for direction and safety, he told me to wait just a few minutes and he would call me back.

While I waited, Bro. Easter was making several phone calls for me. I didn't know my exact location, but I was near an overpass going over I-75 and the sign on the bottom of it said River View Road. His wife had a map program on the computer and she located my exact position. Bro. Easter called back again and told me he was talking with Pastor Paul Lavender of Victory Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia, who wanted to help. Because Bro. Easter wanted me to get out of the dangerous situation as soon as possible, we decided to get a wrecker to move the vehicle before asking Bro. Lavender to meet me. Mrs. Lavender gave Bro. Easter the names and phone numbers of two wrecker companies and we decided it would be best if I talked directly to them. There was no answer at the first towing number. The second towing service told me they would be there shortly, but when they had not showed up in an hour, I called again. It was really hot sitting there on the side of the interstate. While I waited, I called the pastor's number. He was not at home, but his wife gave me a deacon's number to call. (He was expecting my call.) The deacon, Bro. Bill Fletcher, showed up shortly after the tow truck pulled my car to the garage. The garage was closed for the night, and my car would not be fixed until Wednesday afternoon about 4 p.m. The deacon graciously bought me something to eat and then he took me to the mission's apartment at Victory Baptist Church. The next morning I met Pastor Paul Lavender and enjoyed some good fellowship with him and a good lunch. The mechanics told me that the timing belt had slipped and the water pump had to be replaced.

My car was ready by 4 p.m., and I headed for Carrollton, Georgia, to be with Bro. Clay Pawley and Happy Hill Baptist Church at 7:30 p.m. I called Bro. Pawley and told him that I would be there as soon as I could. When I got to Carrollton, Bro. Pawley was waiting for me on his front porch with his cordless phone in his hand giving me directions to his house. He lives about 5 minutes from the church, and I was a few minutes late. I had left Macon that afternoon in my blue jeans, and didn't even have time to change clothes before the service. He said that was alright, and we had a good meeting that night. Glory to God! The pastor had been encouraging them to witness, and the church kept 10,000 gospel tracts to hand out.

I am back here in the Printing Room of my ministry, AMBASSADORS FOR CHRIST, staying busy. If you know of anyone who needs our tracts, please give them my phone number (931-967-0757). God has gracously allowed me to write and print tracts which are FREE for the asking. I have thanked our Lord Jesus Christ many times for Good Shepherd Baptist Mission.

Washed in the Blood of the Lamb of God,
Missionary Charles Dickson


Praise the Lord for: (1) Praying friends; (2) Faithful monthly financial supporters; (3) God's hand on the recent Missionary Training School; (4) Results in souls saved around the world and in untold lives changed.

MTS 2001
Thank the Lord for His work in the Missionary Training School. 2001 marks the 5th year of our joint effort with the host church, First Baptist Church of Spencer, Ohio, and Pastor Mark Gostlin. Twenty three missionary families (43 missionaries), one pastor, and other guests made up the 125 people fed by First Baptist each day. The fifty 40-minute classes were enlightening, thought-provoking, and practical training of the missionaries who have been called to such areas as Romania, South America, Labrador/Newfoundland, Togo, helps and the deaf, tract ministry at fairs, France, the Amish people in the US, Asia, Life Action Ministries, Wyoming, a US based girl's home, Ghana, Arctic Canada, Philippines, and medical missions. Over 40 missionary children were taught during the same hours that the adults met.

Praise God for the great things He has done and for allowing us to be a part of His plan.

We have begun taking applications for 2002 MTS (March 24th-29th, 2002). Call 256-329-3436 or e-mail to request an application.

Please pray: (1)for God's blessings on all phases of the GSBM; (2) for more churches to become involved in the work of the GSBM; (3) for traveling safety as we do our Lord's work; and (4) for Bro. Easter as the Lord uses him to preach His Word in Missions Conferences, Revivals, etc. Thank you for your prayers and financial support. God bless you.
Dayton Barnes, Founder
Darwin H. Easter, Jr., General Director