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Prayer and Praise Letter
A Quarterly Newsletter from the Good Shepherd Baptist Mission
1-800-226-9391 A Ministry of Midway Baptist Church Proctor, AR January 2004


Thank you for your assistance when our van broke down on I-40 while we were finishing a six week deputation trip. For many years I had been carrying a card from Good Shepherd Baptist Mission in my wallet and had never had the opportunity to use it. Your quick response and needed encouragement in word and prayer helped us deal with what could have been a serious problem. God was gracious and the church you directed us to jumped right in and helped us fix the van and get back on the road.

What a blessing it is to have friends and fellow believers available in a time of need!

God has been gracious to us in our ministry with the Navajo People. Traditionally, Native American works are slow moving ministries with many cultural challenges. Challenges we have had! Yet, we feel blessed that in seven short years we have been able to plant a growing church among the Navajo People here in Page, Arizona.

Thank you once again for your help and prayers.

Missionary and Mrs. Tom Hill

When my wife and I were traveling from Mississippi toward Murfreesboror, Tennessee where I pastor, we had come about 150 miles when the transmission in our van went out.

We called Good Shepherd Baptist Mission and within 30 minutes the Assistant Pastor of Cedar Grove Baptist Church drove up. In just a short while we were on our way home in a rental car they took us to get. They found a good, trustworthy mechanic to repair our van.

Thanks first to our wonderful Lord for allowing us to know such wonderful folks at the Good Shepherd Baptist MIssion and for giving us new friends at Cedar Grove Baptist Church in Newton, MIssissippi.

Pastor and Mrs. Gaylon Dawson


Georgia ----- Ohio
June 7 - 11 ----- Sept 20 - 24

Two Pastor's Training Schools will be offered this year -- one in the South and one in the North. The first school will be hold June 7 - 11, 2004 in LaGrange, Georgia at Oakside Baptist Church. The second will be held September 20 - 24, 2004 in Spencer, Ohio at the First Baptist Church.

God has greatly blessed in the first two training schools offered by GSBM (2002 and 2003). When Bro. Chris Owens came with GSBM as director of the Hispanic ministry, we decided to open the school up to the many Spanish pastors in the United States. At the school in Ohio, in September a Pastor's Training School in Spanish will parallel the one in English.

We have included a PTS brochure and application with this newsletter. You can look at detailed information of PTS and all phases of GSBM at or call, write or e-mail for further information. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend in either June or September. Pastors have said that the week is invaluable. It is a week of practical teaching on how to get hold of the control handles of the pastorate and is not a showcase of perfection.

April 4 - 9

Please read the enclosed MTS brochure. If you know of a missionary who needs to come to the Missionary Training School, please pass the brochure along to him. If you need more than the one brochure and application enclosed, either call or e-mail and we will be glad to provide as many as you need.

Pastors are invited to come as guests to the Missionary Training School. Pastors who have come as guests during one of the past seven schools have said that the week changed their lives and ministries.

Praise the Lord for the privilege of working for our Lord with Good Shpherd Baptist Mission. We are most thankful to be able to help those servants of God who are in distress on the highways, and also those in need of emergency housing. We praise Him also for the privilege of conducting Pastor's Training Schools and Missionary Training Schools. We praise the Lord for the many churches and individuals who make such a ministry possible by providing finances, skills or their precious time in taking care of others. Unless churches and individuals all across America respond to our calls, we could not function. Teamwork is a marvelous thing.

Please pray: (1)for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to carry on all phases of the GSBM; (2) for God's hand in providing financial support for the upcoming Missionary Training School and Pastor's Training Schools and for a great move of The Holy Spirit during these special weeks which change men's lives and ministries; (3) for increased volunteers to network and labor within the ministry, and for (4) souls to be saved.

May God richly bless you.
Dayton Barnes, Founder
Darwin H. Easter, Jr., General Director