Missionary Training School

Beginning in 1997, and continuing for 18 years, an annual, one-week, Missionary Training School was hosted in North-Eastern Ohio as a co-operative effort between Good Shepherd Baptist Missions and the First Baptist Church of Spencer.  Over the years a number of missionary training programs have been developed by others who visited the GSBM-MTS or were involved as instructors with it.  We thank God for this expansion and adaptation of the vision to equip missionaries with the tools to get on the field in a timely and God-honoring manner.

Today Good Shepherd Baptist Missions is continuing this ministry by coming alongside Churches and Missionary Sending Ministries during their intake process for new or prospective missionaries.  Churches and Missionary Sending Ministries interested in incorporating GSBM’s core curriculum into their intake training are encouraged to contact the General Director to discuss how this can happen.

GSBM also stands ready to recommend excellent training programs offered by others who were influenced by the GSBM training over the years and share the same commitment to Holy Spirit directed ministry and integrity.  Interested persons need only write or call for specific and current information.

MTS Printable Brochure (PDF)

Sample MTS Schedule (PDF)
MTS Schedule






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