Emergency Road Assistance

The Good Shepherd Baptist Missions operates out of a local church and works through local churches across America to help keep evangelism moving. Struggling churches, pastors, evangelists, and missionaries oftentimes need help and don’t know where to turn. An engine blows up in a car while a missionary is on deputation in a strange city. What is he going to do? He may have just enough money to get to the next church, and he doesn’t know anyone.

Then he remembers a card given to him by a friendly pastor. He dials the Good Shepherd Baptist Missions 800 number and asks for help. A representative responds, and, before long, he is introduced to an Independent Baptist pastor who wants to help. He hooks the missionary up with a mechanic who has volunteered his services. The missionary’s car is repaired, and the missionary is back on the road preaching and winning souls along the way.

Emergency Assistance Card

Emergency Assistance Card

Our newsletters contain stories of people who have been helped.

Perhaps you have mechanical, electrical, or carpentry skills. Maybe you have an extra bedroom in your home where a missionary on deputation could stay. If you are willing to give materials, equipment, or finances to help keep God’s men winning souls, ask yourself, “What can I do?”  As you are led by the Holy Spirit, contact GSBM.

God greatly uses and blesses those who are willing to give Him of their time, service, and finances. Don’t let Satan slow down evangelism in these last days. Do your part to see that evangelism is not hindered by a lack of funds, services, or equipment.

There is a great need and you can help.

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